24 Hours of Improv Shows

24 HOURS OF IMPROV show schedule

Welcome to the ultimate improv battle royale. For a cause.

From 7pm on Friday, March 10 to 7pm on Saturday, March 11 Bad Dog players will improvise for 24 straight hours. 

Bad Dog's Diversity & Inclusion Program

Bad Dog is raising funds for a two day symposium, Our Cities on Our Stages, set to take place on May 20 & 21 of this year. Participants will include artistic and administrative leaders in North America's improv comedy scene, thought-leaders from the Toronto Arts & Culture sector, and community participants. 

You can help them learn how to help us with these goals, and grab show & ticket info below. 


Except for our Micetro finale, each show is divided into two one-hour featured events!

7pm - 9pm 

THE MEET AND GREET We kick off our marathon with a real sweetheart of a show, our marathoners share their best stories to inspire scenes.

THROWDOWN We throw down the gauntlet early in this deadly battle of comedy dares featuring an array of cruel & hilarious guests. Guests: Alessandra Vite, Steph Malek, Florian Francois, Jess Bryson, Christian Smith, Sam Loeb.


KINSEY FAIL LGBTQ+ positive improv... not straight theatre. Directed by Anders Yates

SONGBUSTER Fast-paced, ridiculous and always entertaining, creating hour-long musicals based on suggestions from the audience


THE DISASTER SHOW Our cast gets 5 minutes to do anything but stand up and improv and it will be full of weird funny things! Guest: Fake Cops

MIDNIGHT HOUR An improvised teen drama featuring 2 amazing special incerdible duos! Guests: Amy Shostak & Paul Blinov, Tom Hill & Devin MacKenzie


TROUPE DYNAMITE The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. All stories are love stories, but this one is the greatest. Guests: Ron Pederson, Anand Rajaram, Marty Adams and more!

FUSION Some of the best spotlighting up-and-coming talents in the city, Spotlighting material from a culturally diverse, LGBTQ perspective. Guests: Alia Rasul, Marie Sotto, Guled Abdi, Franco Nguyen, Sam Botembe.


SEANCE 3:00 am, far deeper into the night than the witching hour, the moment where the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. What's the difference between improvising and channelling spirits anyway? Guests: Becky Johnson.

VIDEO HAROLD A fully improvised live video experience: three casts of improvisors perform, shoot and edit a fully improvised movie based on suggestions, with no idea what the other casts are shooting! Guests: Callum Wratten, Alex Kolanko, Griffin Toplitsky.


THE HULL & HILLIER HILARITY HOUR Real-life comedy power-couple Sarah Hillier and Andy Hull bring us a live like night Skype show from glamorous Los Angeles! 

CONNOR LOW'S LOW POINT Veteran of last year's marathon Connor Low will attempt to host, tech and play simultaneously! It's always darkest before the dawn...


DON'T DO THAT - FOR BREAKFAST 3 Pee-wee softball dads help our marathoners dig deep as they share life lessons and pep talks over a hangover breakfast. Guests: Justin Colette, Alex Kolanko, Connor Low.

BIG BRO 12 hours in, the cabin fever peaks as our marathoners go full Reality Show, including video confessionals recorded throughout the marathon so far.


BAD DOGS! The theatre goes to the dogs... for real.

KID PROV Improviser parents bring their (soon-to-be-improviser) progeny to play!  


THE CRAFT Dream boards? Puppets? Our marathoners will get their hands dirty both literally and metaphorically.

FAMILY DINNER Survivor of last year's marathon Nicole Passmore sits down with the cast for a hearty meal and a cathartic hour of family time.


FRENCH AND SPANISH Members of Toronto's foremost French and Spanish improv troupes challenge the marathoners to improvise in French and Spanish. Guests: Florian Francois and more!

LEBRON JANES This all-female improv group and recent winners of the Pat and Tony Adams Freedom Fund bring their unique energy and weirdness to the stage! Guests: Samantha Adams, Kristie Gunter, Michelle Hart, Emily Richardson


BROWN REIGN Comedy megatalents Nigel Downer and Kris Siddiqi light up the stage with their high energy improv and unique POV. 

FLO AND JOAN These musical comedy powerhouses and Youtube superstars arrive fresh from Sketchfest to delight and challenge our cast to sing their hearts out. Guests: Nicola & Rosie Dempsey.



Micetro We close out the marathon with the "Survivor" of improv: only one performer will be left standing (possibly literally). Directed by: Gavin Williams with a stacked lineup of guests and lottery spots for your chance to play with (and destroy) some truly exhausted improvisers



$80 for the FULL 24HR PASS
(*come and go as you please, arrive 15 minutes before a show to reserve your seats)
$15 for PM shows | $10 for AM shows
Tickets are available online or at the door.

Want to help out with the event? Join our volunteer team! Questions? Email info@baddogtheatre.com!