24 Hours Rewards & Punishments

24 Hours of Improv: NUIT BLANCHe edition

7pm Saturday, Sept. 29 to 7pm Sunday, Sept. 30


How it Works:
Select a Reward or Punishment and donate to your Player of choosing now. Simply add a note referencing the Reward or Punishment you would like to give them in the “message” section.

At the event: before the show starts audience members are given the choice to select a Player they would like to reward or punish! Rewards & Punishments will be announced through out the show, and all funds raised go towards our Inclusion Program!

*please note this is an evolving list - the final menu will be available on Saturday!

$5 Punishments

  • Pie'd: Player get hits in the face with a pie at some point in the hour!

  • Picky Eaters: Player eats their most hated food!

  • Sense-less: Player must wear earplugs or or a blindfold for show

  • Chug-a-Lug: Player must drink a beverage of the host or audience’s choosing

  • Cotton Mouth: Player must eat dry crackers with only a sip of water.

  • Cheers: Player must make an eloquent toast to the person who made a donation in their honour.

  • Face Slap: Player will be slapped at least once during the show

  • This is How You Remind Me: Player listens to Nickelback's "This is how you remind me" on loop for ten minutes


  • The Old Switcheroo: Player can pass their gift or obstacle to another player - can be used at any time

  • Peace Out: Player may leave the space for ten minutes

  • Good Dog: Player is given their favourite food

  • Hot towel: Player is gifted ten minutes with a hot towel around their back/face

  • Palm Leaf: Player gets to chose a audience member or player to fan them for five minutes


  • Rhymetime: Player must speak in rhyme

  • Shakespearan Actor: Player must speak in the style of shakespeare

  • Sell Out: Donor will add a message to the Player’s white t-shirt

  • Body Break: Player must always be moving throughout the show

  • Questions Only: Player can speak in questions only for the full show.

  • Phone A “Friend”: Player must phone or message an ex-friend or lover.

  • Accent-uate: Player must speak in an accent of the audience or hosts choosing for the show

  • Objectify Me: Player that must act as all the objects used in the show

  • The Shut Out: No one talks to or looks at the player for the duration of the show

  • Whenever _____: Whenever a fellow performer does ____, the player must ______


  • Silencio: Player doesn’t have to talk for the full show

  • Biggest Fan: Five minutes in front of a very large, very refreshing fan

  • Nerf Gun: Player is given the childish joy of the gift of a gun for the full hour

  • Other Actors’ Nightmare: Player gets to read from a script

  • Phone a Friend: Player gets to call a loved one, just to chat

  • Trading Places: Audience member trades place with cast member for ten minutes

  • Netflix and Actually Chill: Player can sit back for twenty mins to sit back and watch Netflix


$50 for the FULL 24HR PASS
(*come and go as you please, arrive 15 minutes before a show to reserve your seats)
$15 for PM shows | FREE for AM shows
Tickets are available online or at the door.