Volunteer with Bad Dog

Show Usher Volunteers

Bad Dog is looking for an amazing group of volunteers to help share our comedy with this great city! We are looking for outgoing people, who don’t mind late nights, hard work, and laughter, to help out at our shows.

Amazing! What will I be doing?

  • Ticket Taking
  • Ushering
  • Box Office Assistance
  • Additional Items (as needed)

Show Usher Volunteer Application

Festivals, Events & Fundraisers

Bad Dog is looking for an amazing group of volunteers to help run all of the cool comedy festivals, events and fundraisers that we put on each year! We are looking for outgoing people who are willing and able to make a 1-year commitment to keep things running smoothly at these fun late night events.  

How is this different from the General Volunteer position?

This position is for those that seek the hustle & bustle of the festival atmosphere. In addition to Ticket Taking, Ushering∗ and Box Office Assistance we are looking for volunteers that are interested in helping out with the following:

  • Registration & Information Table
  • Merchandise & Food Table
  • Raffle Squad
  • Clean Team
  • Drivers
  • Photographers/Videographers
  • Social Media Gurus

Festival Volunteer Application

Leadership Positions

We are so excited that you are interested in being involved in our organization in a tangible way! If you have gained experience as a general volunteer on a workday, you may be interested in increasing your commitment through leadership positions.

There is an ongoing need for skilled volunteers to do a variety of jobs, so there are always opportunities for everyone to be involved!

Whether you are looking to be more involved in the community, to build your work experience, or to supplement a portion or the total cost of a course you are looking to take (or currently taking), Bad Dog has got you covered.

Job Examples:
Range from 6-month to 1-year time commitment

  • Volunteer Coordinator (for house festivals, events & fundraisers)
  • Social Media Coordinator (video documentation/promo videos)
  • Video Archive (archiving video footage – for the tech savvy)
  • Building Repairs (there's always something!)
  • Labour Intensive (back room/green room cleaner)
  • Internship (includes volunteer coordinator role + other duties)

Please note that applications will be accepted on an as needed basis.

Leadership Position Application

Questions? Email volunteer@baddogtheatre.com