The Curator

The Curator

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Following hit runs in the falls of 2014 & 2015, The Curator returns to the Bad Dog stage as a monthly show.  Each show is inspired by a different piece of art, chosen and introduced by that month's curator. The curator has five minutes to set the stage for our award-winning cast members, who then take over to create a completely improvised one-act comedy inspired by that work of art.

The Curator is the brainchild of Haligonian improviser Henri Geilis, lovingly adapted by the Bad Dog Theatre Company and featuring a rotating cast including the extraordinary talents of Sean Tabares, Ashley Comeau, James Gangl, Colin Munch, Anders Yates, Dan Beirne, Kris Siddiqi, Craig Anderson, Lucy Hill, Daniel Maslany, Ify Chiwetelu, Hannah Spear, Tess Degenstein & more. Directed by Bad Dog’s Artistic Director Julie Dumais Osborne.

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NOVEMBER 26 - Tom Hobson

Artist notes:
I've always been obsessed with making things, but am not very patient. So I never had much interest in knitting. I mean, I love cozy sweaters, but not enough to spend two hundred hours making one. When I found out that a bunch of weirdos on the internet had modified old knitting machines from the 80s to work with modern computers, though, it was suddenly VERY interesting to me, because I saw that it could be automated and quickly experimented with. Everything else kind of fell into place after that: I bought a knitting machine on ebay, got laid off, started taking prescription stimulants for ADHD, and knit a LOT of weird scarves with my computer.

About Tom:
Tom Hobson is an artist, engineer, and comedian from Toronto. He has an electronic knitting machine that he makes weird knitted art with. He is a nice boy and he is doing his best. Find him online: @meisatom on twitter and instagram and:

The November cast of The Curator includes: Mark Little (Mr. D - CBC), Nicole Passmore (Theatresports), Daniel Maslany (Four in the Morning - CBC), Lucy Hill (The Globe Theatre), Tom MacKay (This Canadian Life) & Coko Galore (Coko & Daphney).

The Curator
Every fourth Saturday | 9:30PM
Tickets: $15/$10 student
Available online and at the door.