The Curator

The Curator

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Every month The Curator inspired by a different piece of art, chosen and introduced by that month's curator. The curator has five minutes to set the stage for our award-winning cast members, who then take over to create a completely improvised one-act comedy inspired by that work of art.

The Curator is the brainchild of Haligonian improviser Henri Geilis, lovingly adapted by the Bad Dog Theatre Company and featuring a rotating cast including the extraordinary talents of Sean Tabares, Ashley Comeau, Anders Yates, Dan Beirne, Kris Siddiqi, Craig Anderson, Lucy Hill, Daniel Maslany, Hannah Spear, Tess Degenstein, Sarah Hillier, Tom MacKay, Coko Galore, Andrew Bushell, Nicole Passmore, Kirsten Rasmussen, Mark Little & more. Directed by Bad Dog’s Artistic Director Julie Dumais Osborne.

The Curator
Every fourth Saturday of the month | 9:30PM
Tickets: $15/$10 student
Available online (below) and at the door.

january 28, 2017: 90's r&B MIXTAPE

This month's guest curator is Bad Dog Featured Player alumna Coko Galore. Music and fashion collide as Coko presents a curation inspired by the soundtrack to one of the most formative times in her life: classic 90's R&B.

ABOUT COKO GALORE: Coko Galore is an African-Chinese, British-born, Canadian comedic actor, improviser and writer.  Coko is a graduate of The Second City Training Centre’s Conservatory (dir. Carly Heffernan) and Longform (dir. Kevin Whalen), and performed in the Writing Program graduation show Literally! A Writing Show (dir. Ian Keeling).  Summer 2015, Coko Galore wrote, performed and produced her first solo-show Mixed Chick (dir. Leslie Seiler) at The Toronto Fringe Festival.  She also co-wrote and co-produced the indie webseries Jay & Cokes (YouTube). Her comedy duo Coko and Daphney has performed in comedy festivals in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. You can catch Coko smiling and objectifying men in the Harlequin ad Romance For All.

Starring: Mark Little, Kirsten Rasmussen, Nicole Passmore, Kyle Dooley, Daniel Maslany, Andrew Bushell & Sarah Hillier