Bad Dog TalKBack sERIES

Bad Dog endeavours to create an open dialogue about issues in the community with its staff, students, volunteers, and instructors. The Bad Dog Talk Balk Series began in 2015 with a discussion about gender and sexuality in an improvised setting, and has since grown to include discussions about Financial Planning, Health & Well Being, and more.

Talk Backs are held throughout the year as a part of our Academy programming and are free for everyone to attend. Bad Dog Talk Backs take many forms; they may be Q&A's, lectures, or panel discussions but all strive to create a welcoming environment where we can learn and grow together as a community. Talk Backs are free to attend!

If you have a ideas for future Talk Backs, or questions about our current programming please email 


The next TalkBack is a major symposium on diversity and inclusion: Our Cities on our Stages.

May 20, 21 - 9 - 5pm

Bad Dog Talks Back: Get to know the behind-the-scenes decision making processes and organizational structures that help Bad Dog run!