Car chases! Evil henchmen! Love at first sight! Musical numbers! 

You never know what you'll see at SUPERSCENE. 

Bad Dog Theatre's Friday night feature showcases some of the city's best improvisers as they create four brand new, completely unique and hilarious unscripted plays.

Four directors stage one chapter of their story per round. After every round one director is eliminated by the audience, whittling them down until only one remains. After all, there can only be one SUPERSCENE.

"This is a lot like the tradition theatre process, but in real time. You see the director and actors working together in front of the audience to build the play. And the audience are a real time audience... If they don't love the play, it'll be instantly shut down so a better one can take its place!" - Gavin Williams, SUPERSCENE director 

This is the theatre industry version of Survival of the Fittest.

9:30pm | every third Saturday
Tickets $10/$15 online or at the door