Salomon & Smith Kick It

salomon & smith KICK IT

Third Monday of Every Month | 730PM |  Tickets $12

Hilarious comedians and BFFs Jess Salomon and DeAnne Smith host an evening of damn good jokes and damn good times, with different special guests each month. Part stand up show, part hang out, and all party, it's the show Exclaim calls "impressively spontaneous" and "wonderfully cheery" 

Between them, Salomon & Smith have been in Just for Laughs countless times (okay 8), graced television screens in many nations, written for major Canadian newspapers, won awards, and put Eastern European war criminals in their place. They've both been called "charming and intelligent," in print, in real papers, independently. What credentials! 

"Charmimg and intelligent" - 
Montreal Metro

"Intelligent and charming"
The Guardian

"Their chemistry is undeniable" - 
Jess's wife

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