June 15th-17th | 930PM | $10

Shrugging off the success of their self-titled sketch revue (NNNNN, Top 5 Shows To Watch At Toronto Sketchfest - Now Magazine), and ready to reveal their insecurities about life, love, failure, and dieting, Panacea has created F*#& IT, a brand new sketch comedy revue. 

Written by Allana Reoch, Gillian Bartolucci, Nicky Nasrallah and Marshall Lorenzo once again under the direction of Second City Alumna, Carly Heffernan, F*#% IT is a comedy that teaches you how to rock the self-doubt that plagues early adulthood.  

In competition with your ex to see who is living the happiest life? Having trouble taking care of your body the way it deserves because wine just tastes so good? Can't navigate with the TTC? Join Panacea at Bad Dog Theatre on June 15th, 16th, and 17th to shrug your shoulders, wash your hands of it all, and conclude that it ain't yo' business what anybody thinks about you, Honey! Fuck it!