Panacea Presents: Be A Star or Get The F*#% OUT! 

Panacea presents a brand new sketch comedy revue where the bar is high and the stakes are higher. Four ego-driven comedians invest their self-worth in validation and praise from strangers by giving it their all to outshine one another to win the audience’s favour. As with every ensemble, there can only be ONE star of the show. Which one of these budding talents has what it takes to captivate the audience and rise to the top?

Be A Star Or Get The F*#% OUT is written by Gillian Bartolucci, Marshall Lorenzo, Nicky Nasrallah & Allana Reoch and directed by Carly Heffernan (Come What Mayhem, The Second City). Featuring members of The Second City National Touring Company, The Sketchersons, and Songbuster: The Improvised Musical, this ensemble of comedians is no stranger to shining brightly in the spotlight.  

After a series of critically acclaimed sketch revues: Everything Is Fine (Top 10 Comedy Shows of 2014, Torontoist), Panacea (Top 10 Comedy Shows 2015, Now Magazine) and F*#% It (Top 10 Comedy Shows of 2015, Torontoist) Panacea returns to top themselves once and for all.  

Thursday June 1 - 930PM
Friday June 2 - 930PM
Saturday June 3 - 930PM