Our Cities On Our Stages

Our Cities on Our Stages Symposium

Bad Dog Theatre Company is excited to announce the return of our diversity and inclusion conference.  On May 20th and May 21st, Our Cities on our Stages will return to continue the conversation on diversity and inclusion initiatives in Toronto improv companies and improv as a whole. Fully immersing itself over the weekend, Bad Dog will curate a series of workshops, presentations and discussion panels led by diversity and inclusivity thought-leaders - from within the unscripted comedy sector as well as neighbouring artforms facing similar challenges - to advise and engage participants on industry-specific issues. Under the company’s mandate to “elevate the artform”, Bad Dog looks not only to increase the accessibility of its own programming, but to share its findings to increase growth across many sectors. 

The Symposium will first guide us through the successes of the organization and community, accounting for the findings & outcomes of the past conference and past year.

Day 1 of Our Cities on Our Stages is open to the general public. Come listen to our assembled guests, ask questions, share stories, and engage in our public workshops.

Day 2 is primarily aimed at educators and facilitators (directors, producers, administrators). We will revisit and expand on questions and items raised during our Day 1 sessions - breaking into work-groups focusing on the educational/training side of improvised theatre as well as the institutional/performance side of producing improvised comedy and fostering an inclusive environment. To inquire about participating in Day 2, please e-mail Hamed Dar at inclusion@baddogtheatre.com

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Saturday, May 20 • 9:30am-4:30pm

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Suggested payment: $15
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Participants will enjoy a light breakfast (9:30am) 
& pizza lunch (12pm).

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Are you an improviser? A student of improv? A teacher of improv? A fan of improv? A person? Our Cities on Our Stages is for you.

The overarching goal of this symposium is - ultimately - for our improv/comedy stages & communities to better reflect the cities we live in. We see this inaugural gathering as a starting point for a sustained dialogue and ongoing institutional commitment to change and improved standards of inclusion. We’re very aware of how broad this is as a heading - and how many marginalized voices have yet to find a place of comfort and sense of belonging  in our classes, our shows, our audiences. Obviously, that won’t be solved in two days… but our hope is that all of our core collaborators will walk away with actionable ideas, expanded support networks (that reach between cities) and a schedule to reconvene and share our progress.


Please contact us regarding any specific accessibility needs and requests for participation in Our Cities on Our Stages. Regretfully, the Bad Dog Theatre space is not fully accessible for people with physical disabilities. We are located on the second-story of a building with frontage on Bloor, reached by a 20-step staircase. The washrooms on site are not wheelchair accessible. Alternate spaces were explored for the Our Cities Our Stages Symposium however we were unable to secure an appropriate secondary location for this year's gathering. There will be volunteers and staff on-site available to assist those who may require assistance. We acknowledge the challenges this presents and are open to additional suggestions on how we can facilitate broader participation in this event (including offering a live-streaming option for some panels & discussions and inviting people to interact in real-time with social media). We are committed to working to have increased accessibility at our future symposiums. Please contact ourcities@baddogtheatre.com if you have any additional questions or concerns about accessibility at the Our Cities on Our Stages symposium.


Please contact us should you require any specific accommodations in order to be able to participate. We are keen to explore all available avenues to welcome interested participants.