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Nerd Mafia Member Spotlight!

Check out this awesome interview our Artistic Director, Julie Osborne, did with Nerd Mafia! It's all about one of our favourite things... Nerdprov

SC: Bad Dog Theatre has been around for 10 years in its current incarnation and 30 years total -- when did the troupe get into nerdprov?

JO: Improvisation has always had a natural affinity for use in genre exploration and parody. In fact one of the seminal improv companies in Toronto - The Chumps (Garry Campbell, Moira Dunphy, Lisa Merchant, Gary Pearson, Jerry Schaefer, and Warren Wilson) - carved out a real niche for improv comedy with their signature parody shows at the now-defunct Big City Improv over 20 years ago, including their own well-loved unscripted Star Trek sendup. Many of them were also Theatresports Toronto regulars. When Theatresports Toronto became the Bad Dog Theatre Company and set up shop in our former bricks-and-mortar home on the Danforth, it opened up all sorts of new performance and development opportunities for a company that had previously specialized in competitive shortform improvisation. So I guess you could say that Bad Dog's been performing nerdprov since before it was even Bad Dog.

.... click here to read the whole thing! Final Frontier is part of our Epic Wednesdays rotation!