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Peter Stevens Workshop

JUST ADDED! A one-shot chance to spend three hours fundamentally improving your improv chops with one of the city's best: Peter Stevens.

Saturday, February 1 - 10am-1pm
at the Palmerston Library (560 Palmerston Ave.)

Peter has been improvising for well over a decade and he is really excited because he has boiled down his best work and the best of what he's seen to 4 concepts he can't wait to teach you. This workshop is for everyone.

Cost: $25 / $20 for current Bad Dog students & performers

About Peter Stevens: The director of last year's acclaimed Bad Dog productions Hogtown Empire & Zombie Toronto, Peter is a real dreamboat and has sixteen years of improv experience, including the Canadian Improv Games, Second City’s Touring Company, and Catch23. Because he is so handsome, people tend to forget that he writes comedy for CBC Radio’s The Irrelevant Show, creates theatre with Le Nouveau International, teaches for TIFF’s youth workshops, and performs with his award-winning sketch troupe Elephant Empire. You might also have seen Peter on a beach in your dreams or in a Knowmore Lecture, a series he created to share ‘fancy’ academic topics, like existentialism and colonialism, in fun, accessible ways.