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Announcing the Micetro Rat Pack!

We're excited to announce the Micetro Rat Pack! Bad Dog's group of 12 improvisors who will be selected to be our recurring expert Micetro players for 12 weeks from September 21st to Dec 7th, to coincide with Bad Dog's Theatresports fall tournament. Every Micetro show during this period will be half pre-booked with members of the Rat Pack, while the other half will be cast with improvisors selected from that night’s 6pm workshop.

Each week, 4 improvisors from the 12-member Rat Pack will rotate in to play Micetro. In addition to getting guaranteed performance and hosting spots at Micetro, you will receive additional free training to become Micetro experts and will in turn help guide newer improvisors and improvisors less experienced in the ways of Bad Dog Micetro.

A lot more information and details can be found on the Bad Dog website at:

We'll be picking the Rat Pack over August and announcing the members in early September.

Interested in being in the Rat Pack? Just show up to a Micetro workshop and play. There will be no formal auditions, we'll be picking from people who have played Micetro before and have been at the workshops. You can also email us at if you have questions or would like more information.