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Book Club & Sex T-Rex's SUNDOWN


The first rule of Book Club is you must talk about Book Club.

Okay, so you’re watching a book club meet, but the people in it are super-invested in the experience – like in a next-level-drama sort of way.  Kinda like “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”.  But they’re talking about a real book, and the themes of the book keep popping into their world, and occasionally, they break into scenes from it. And just like a real book club, you can weigh in. (But unlike most book clubs, you can also just watch and nobody will call you out for not finishing the book.) Whether you’ve read this month’s selection or not, your Book Club hosts will entertain & illuminate in this smart, funny show - the intersection between earnest literary discussion and surprising moments of comedy and wild conjecture.

produced by: Dan Hershfield & Carly Heffernan

starring: Ashley Comeau, Chris Gibbs, Lindsay Grant, Thomas MacKay & Devon Hyland

Sex T-Rex presents SUNDOWN

Sundown is a classic western filtered through the lens of Sex T-Rex's unique pop culture filter. Think silent protagonists, dastardly villains, dusty horses, endless sunsets, gritty men and powdered women, all covered in the sheen of desperate, desert sweat.

Your ticket gets you into Sundown and the Bad Dog Book Club!

Stick around for Bad Dog's Faking Bad!

Wednesday, July 24, 8pm, $5