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Yes Android & Team Wildcats

Calling all film buffs, science fiction fans and people without cars who want that classic drive-in theatre experience. Drawing inspiration from films like the early and expressionist Metropolis, the gritty noir of Blade Runner, your prerequisite atomic age Cold War paranoia films - and creature features thrown in for good measure! - Yes, Android lovingly sends-up all of the signature tropes of the sci-fi genre.

Summer is drive-in season! Fill up on popcorn. Be terrified and amazed.

PRODUCED BY: Lindsay Grant & Tom MacKay
DIRECTED BY: Lindsay Grant

STARRING: Ashley Comeau, Liz Johnston, Kevin Matviw, Matt McCready, Simon Pond, Darryl Pring, & Sean Tabares

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To them, baseball is more than a game… it’s a really, really important game.

It's that time, sports fans! Time to experience all of the excitement, inspiration and sore throwing arms of all of your favourite sports movies. Follow the Wildcats, a high school baseball team, share in all of the tension of that full count pitch, the elation of that game-winning hit and the awkwardness of being in high school. "We're the Wildcats and we're here to play ball. We hope we win it all!"

PRODUCED BY: Connor Low, Caleb Gilgan & Jordan Moffatt
STARRING: Liz Johnston, Chris Ramelan, Colin Munch, & Caleb Gilgan

COMEDY BAR (945 Bloor St. W.)
JUST $5!!