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Come Celebrate Bad Dog's 10 Year Aniversary on May 4th

10 years ago, three friends - hot off a game-changing improv road trip - decided that improv needed a dedicated, full-time, pedal-to-the-metal home in this city.

And so, building on the 20-year tradition of Theatresports Toronto, the Bad Dog Theatre Company was born... and with it, an honest-to-goodness bricks-and-mortar theatre space dedicated exclusively to unscripted performance. Cue a decade of excellent, affordable classes; critically acclaimed and award-nominated unscripted comedy revues; signature improvised parodies and genre send-ups; boundary-pushing experimental formats; festivals, first-times, foolishness, fun ... and most of all, the most fantastic, supportive creative community you could ever hope to find!

That physical space is now gone, but Bad Dog's legacy is entrenched and the company continues to grow and delight...

May 4th 2013 marks ten years for the Bad Dog Theatre Company and we are throwing one hell of a party!

We would love to have you come and celebrate with us!

We're paying homage to some of your favourite moments of the past, celebrating a whole bunch of Bad Dog improvisers, and revving up for what's coming next for the company. It's all so exciting!

Come celebrate with us at 10pm at Comedy Bar. We will be having performances from favourite Bad Dog faces spanning a full decade of making up laughs on the spot. This night of hilarity features:

Alastair Forbes
Anders Yates
Ashley Botting
Ashley Comeau
Carmine Lucarelli
Connor Thompson
Ian MacIntyre
Jane Luk
Jenny Serwylo
Jess Bryson
Julie Dumais
Kerry Griffin
Kevin Matviw
Lindsay Grant
Lisa Merchant
Marcel St. Pierre
Ralph MacLeod
Rob Baker
Sean Tabares
Tom MacKay

...and more!

Stick around after the show for some drinks and an EPIC dance party hosted by DJ Mark Andrada!

Hope to see you at this deca-party! Deci-party? DECADE PARTY!