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Show Spotlight: This Canadian Life

1. Describe “This Canadian Life” in one line:
Colin Munch: An improvised look at the little moments that make up our Canadian lives

2. “This Canadian Life” is like…”
Jess Bryson: storytelling with the fun and excitement of improv

3. Why do you like this show?
Tess Degenstein: A form that demands I draw inspiration from ‘Life Itself’, which is both a joy and a challenge; It really is just a celebration of life, as lofty as that sounds.

4. Why would someone else like this show?
Chris Ramelan: The show is really accessible – it’s incredibly relatable, surprisingly personal and genuinely funny.

5. Best/favourite image in your head from a previous instalment of the show:
Sean Tabares: A town surrounded by a wall of fire.

6. Best/favourite line of dialogue from a previous instalment of the show:
JB: “Like every town in Halifax, there is a insipid historical building where no one is really sure what historical event even took place there” -Evany Rosen

7. Coolest/most interesting part/thing we discovered/idea we played with in the development of this show:
CR: We became both the performers and the listener in a way – we ask questions as the moderators/Iras/producers, and then answer them as the guests/listeners/viewers.

8. Something someone said to you about the show after seeing it:

CR: “It’s everything I love about This American Life and everything I love about improv… I can’t believe it’s not scripted!”