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Spotlight: Theatresports

The Bad Dog Theatre Company’s Flagship show, Theatresports has been making Toronto audiences laugh for 30 years…and there is no sign of stopping now!

¡THEATRESPORTS! Spring Tournament will have all the beloved aspects of Keith Johnstone’s famous Improv format (where the audience decides the content of the scenes and judges them accordingly), but with all the flare of a Luchador wrestling match and the drama of a Soap Opera. Mixing  the edge of your seat thrill of improv with the crowd rousing energy of a sporting event, that puts you in the middle of the side splitting action! Toronto’s longest running improv show has been dressed-up into a tournament format like never before, the result is a hilarious rollercoaster ride that the audience can find nowhere else in the city!

1. Describe “Theatresports” in one line:
Tom MacKay: Improv played out fast, sharp, moving and hilarious, and the audience gives points so everyone flexes just that much more.
Lisa Amerongen: It’s the only sport I’ve ever played.

2. “Theatresports” is like…:
Lisa: a cute tickle fight that gets really real, really quick: Laughter. Competition. Gasping.

3. Why do you like this show?
Hayley Kellett: 
I like Theatresports because I’m proud to be part of it!  My favourite improvisers in the city have all been part of this show, so it’s a joy to be up here playing on this stage with them!  I love short form improv because it’s fun to play within the world of a game.  You get the benefit of knowing the rules, but it’s always fun to see how people break them.
Zoe Daniels: Everyone who does it is awesome.

4. Why would someone else like this show?
Kirsten: Theatresports is accessible.  Even if you’ve never seen an improv show in your life, it is so easy to catch on to the hilarious games and Hijinx.

5. Best/favourite image in your head from rehearsals:
Hayley: Tom MacKay covered in flour and making a sexy pie.  From scratch.
Zoe:  Kirsten and Craig kissing seedlings, planting them, and watering them with tears.
Lisa: Connor and AJ preforming a pig roasting ritual as their ‘El Passionate’ characters. Very raw. Very sexual.

6. Best/favourite line of dialogue from rehearsals:
Tom:  Craig Anderson – “As your guide, I should put your money and passports into my bag to keep them safe. The forest is full of monkeys who want to leave the country.”

7. Coolest/most interesting part/thing we discovered/idea we played with in the development of this show:
Tom:   Finding the wickedness in the childlike, the curiosity in the stuck-up, the confidence in the poets, and the vulnerability in bravado.
Lisa: I love variation of improv concepts/formats that can be found across the improv community. We’ve all be trained in different cities across Canada and discovering the subtle differences in play and philosophy is really illuminating!

8. Something someone said to you about the show after seeing it:

Zoe:  ”Wow, you looked totally professional.” – Matt Carrieri, the guy who lived next to me in the dorms at McGill