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Spotlight: DnD Live

The Bad Dog Theatre Company presents: a live, unscripted action adventure comedy based on Dungeons and Dragons, the most popular role playing game in history.

1. Describe “DnD” in one line:
Seann Murray: D&D Live is an unscripted adventure comedy where the audience and the roll of the dice guide Adventurers/Comedians on quests through the monster-infested realm of T’Rannah- A fantasy version of Toronto.

2. “DnD” is like…:
Julian Frid:  is like ice cream; a guilty, nutty pleasure that is best to share with a friend, and is relatively inexpensive and chilling at times.
Molly Davis: D&D Live is like ‘choose your own adventure’

3. Why do you like this show?
I like this show because I’m a huge D&D buff.  I’ve been slaying Bugbears and Mastering Dungeons for 23 years, and it’s a thrill to get to bring an amped-up version of it all to a live audience.
Molly: There is a real suspense to this show that you can’t find in anything else as some outcomes are decided by the fate of a dice roll.

4. Why would someone else like this show?
Seann: Just about anyone might like this show, because it’s unique and has so many angles!  It’s got nerdy references to fantasy stuff, all kinds of plays on the major locations of the city of Toronto itself, and it’s a ton of fun to watch the performers try to solve super high-stakes problems knowing full well that if the die rolls a 1, they’re doomed to fail.

5. Best/favourite image in your head from a previous instalment of the show:
Molly: I would have to say when Adam Cawley’s very meek Paladin Matthew Glaven put on magic glasses that turned him into a bad-ass named Matty-G. We ended that scene with Evany Rosens druid Scrindyboot and my own Mae Cottonball riding to safety on the back of Matty-G’s motorcycle. It was wonderfully ridiculous.
Julian:  Best image: our adventures on a sailing ship being enveloped by a giant kraken.

6. Best/favourite line of dialogue from a previous instalment of the show:
Seann:  The best line has to go to an audience member actually: Just as our Dark Sorceror, “Drofbor the Terrible” finished this evil speech about abandoning all hope, a boy in the audience stood up and just belted out “I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!” totally unprompted.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

7. Coolest/most interesting part/thing we discovered/idea we played with in the development of this show:
Seann:   I think the coolest thing I found over the course of the show was how much the audience was eager to get involved in the story, and how much they wound up caring about the character’s success.  Eventually, we gave the audience the power to call for a single “Reroll” per show by way of chanting, and it was a ton of fun to see when they were unanimous in that, which happened most of the time.
Julian: I enjoyed developing dungeon traps that would challenge the improvisors on stage, and the audience helping them get through it.

8. Something someone said to you about the show after seeing it:
Seann:  At the bar after a performance a guy talked to me about how much of a kick he got out of the show, and how it inspired him to call up his old D&D gang and get a game going again.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I wonder if anyone’s tried using our map and running a game in T’Rannah?
Julian:  A gentleman took me aside and said that he was a closet dnd player in his youth, and he thanked me and the show for letting him enjoy it with his friends, while preserving his cool. Stephen Colbert used to play Dnd all the times! Elves, druids, dwarfs, halflings, rangers UNITE!