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Show Spotlight: Hogtown Empire

What is hogtown?
Kayla Lorette: “Hogtown is Toronto in the 1920’s, when the city was expanding and getting bigger and it’s where this show takes place”

Who will you be playing?:
Dan Beirne:  “The older brother, the more responsible, staid, worrier, bit of a doormat, bit of a try hard.”

What is hogtown empire about?
Dan Beirne: “An improv show set in 1920’s Toronto, but it is about family.”

Most Interesting thing you’ve learned about this time period?
Kayla Lorette: “How quickly it was developing, there was a call to have streets widened and progress was happening, the 1920’s was a good time for everyone. It was exciting to think of the city growing a lot at that time.. I think.. I like that.”
Dan Beirne: “Really being able to visualize the rate at which it was growing, the rate at it which is was sort of changing every day. Everything became more immediate, more of an emergency. I think of the way people were sitting down in the bike lanes when they were being covered over a few months ago, there was the same kind of thing the idea that we ‘need to change things right now’ and there’s going to be action about that because there’s too many people, its growing to fast and all these changes are happening, and I can relate to that a lot.”

What to expect?
Kayla Lorette: “I think they can expect a lot of fun. But because there is some structure and some set characters to it, I think they can expect some elegant and well played narrative arcs.”
Dan Beirne: “Peter Stevens, who is directing, is taking a lot of risks in terms of long form and also serialized structure. There are a lot of narrative threads that are going to be continuing throughout the five episodes, that are exciting to me.”

What do you enjoy most?
Kayla Lorette: “I am enjoying working with Peter Stevens because I love him. I think he is a real genius. I really like working within a set character. The idea of getting to keep growing and fostering your little quirks in your character and not disposing with them after a show is exciting to me.”

Compare this family to a contemporary cartoon family:
Kayla Lorette: “I guess the Jetsons, but old timey? Yeah, get rid of all their flying and floating around and replace it with dust and horses. Oh.. and the dad’s dead.    Is the dad dead in the Jetsons?”

Dan Beirne: Well there are probably going to be a lot of parrots playing records, and a lot of like, wooly mammoths doing your dishes.  Sort of like, animals as appliances, we’re definitely going to do that a lot.