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Show Spotlight Throne of Games

Fans of Game of Thrones and the uninitiated alike will love Throne of Games, a hilarious and unscripted interpretation of George R.R. Martin’s best-selling medieval fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire that inspired the award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones. Directed by acclaimed Canadian actor and improviser Colin Munch, this expanded remount of Bad Dog Theatre Company’s smash hit features a tour de force cast of Canada’s most brilliant comedic performers.

Opening tomorrow night as a part of the Toronto Next Stage festival.  Tickets available here.

1. Describe “Throne of Games” in one line:
Connor Thompson
: A blood-soaked insane sex-filled treachery-laden show that is very funny.
Paloma NuñezA dramatic and hilarious parody of one of HBO’s best shows, Game of Thrones.

2. “Throne of Games” is like…:
Julie Dumais: “The West Wing” meets “Lord of the Rings” – but way funnier… or at least that’s how Alice & Colin pitched it.
Nug Nahrgang: A bizarro version of the books/TV show.

3. Why do you like this show?
Jess Bryson: It isn’t making fun of Game of Thrones, it’s celebrating it – every cast member is a fan.
Colin Munch: It’s rare to see an improv show that looks and feels like a play. Throne aims to bring the stakes, emotion, and spectacle of the book and television series to the stage.

4. Why would someone else like this show?
Alice Moran: We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to this cast.  The work they do is mind-blowing and it’s humbling to work among them.  Quite simply these are Toronto’s best improvisers firing on all cylinders.
Julie: I’d never read the books or seen the series prior to the first run in May 2012… the first 15 minutes were overwhelming – so many characters, so much treachery… but the storytelling is clean, the performances are utterly charming and, even for someone who’d evidently been living under a cultural rock, the whole things was tremendously entertaining.

5. Best/favourite image in your head from a previous installment of the show:
Connor: Rob Norman, as Prince Joffrey, casually picking up Robert’s crown and putting it on his head before Robert had even died.
Paloma: Alice Moran, as Sansa Stark, singing a medieval version of  ”Baby Got Back” at the welcoming feast in Winterfell.
Colin: Bruce Hunter, as Tywin Lannister, lambasting his son while eating chicken, dropping the bones onto the stage. The combination of malice and humour was perfect.
Alice: Bradbury‘s Khal Drogo holding out three Kinder eggs to the Khaleesi.
Julie: Bainbridge as Varys.

6. Best/favourite line of dialogue from a previous installment of the show:
Alice: Kris Siddiqi yelling, “THE OTHERS TAKE YOUR PICTURES!”

7. Coolest/most interesting part/thing we discovered/idea we played with in the development of this show:
Nug: Finding ways to incorporate different improv games and styles into the show to make it interesting for both the audience and ourselves.
Colin: Capturing the scale of the world went through many changes. We’ve settled on a system that allows us to create a living, breathing world that is still playable for our improvisers.

8. Something someone said to you about the show after seeing it:

Jess: “I was so sad when Ned died!” – Julie Dumais, having never seen or read the series