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Performer Spotlight: Paloma Nuñez

Paloma is a very busy lady.  She produces hit shows for Bad Dog, performs as a member of the Repertory Players in shows like This Canadian Life, and teaches improv at The Second City.  No matter what she doing, however, Paloma brings commitment,  dedication and compassion that make her an inspirational teacher, a joy to improvise with, and a producing tour de force creating things like Throne of Games, to be remounted at the Next Stage Festival this January.

What drew you to improv? 

It was/is ridiculous fun.  And a huge adrenaline rush-I feel like I have a super power and that is being able to make stories up with people with no idea of what that story will look like.  That terrifies me, the idea of it, like it does others and it is the rush of a lifetime-getting laughs from characters and truth.

What makes a player a joy to improvise with? 

My favorite people to improvise with are so excited by any ideas that come their way.  They make magic out of the smallest things and that is only possible with supreme listening skills and connectivity-via eye contact etc.  Also, a sense of play, like they could explode into giggles at any moment.  No judgement, just joy.

What scares you onstage? 

All kinds of things.  Judgement. Musical improv.

Have you ever gone through a rough patch as an improviser?  How did you handle it? 

Oh yeah- I think everyone goes through a couple “plateaus” where they feel like they suck because they aren’t moving forward or, even worse, regressing. These are the times you need remember what you love about improv, and seek constructive criticism. As an artist you are always growing, a plateau is a sign you need to challenge yourself again.

What excites you on stage? 

LONGFORM and playing with people who are faster than me.