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Performer Spotlight: Colin Munch

Colin Munch is a pro. Someone who is mindful of the big picture without ever losing control of the tiny details. He brings theatricality, preparation, discipline and process to the stage along with his formidable wit and vulnerability – a disarming and bankable combination.  He is not afraid of quiet in scenes, roots choices in emotion and plays with unfaltering intelligence, trusting (rightly) that the audience will meet him there. In his work with Sex T-Rex, the Repertory Players and the Throne of Games cast, Colin’s keen sense of story has led to fantastically satisfying unscripted narratives – so it was a natural fit for him to team up with Rob Norman to design Bad Dog Academy’s Narrative Studio Series.

What takes good improv to great?

Agreement. “Yes, Let’s.” Not just verbal- physical, emotional, mental. Even your attitude has to complement your scene partners. This isn’t achieved by deciding you’re going to ‘yes, and’ everything your partner does- it takes a long time to foster that psychic connection that all good teams have. When you agree with each other, the audience will agree with you too, and then you can go anywhere.

What excites you on stage?
Fight scenes. And realising that all of a sudden I’m in a game.

Have you ever gone through a rough patch as an improviser? How did you handle it?
I’m not certain I’m not in one now! All the incredible opportunities I’ve been given this year have exposed me to a tremendous wealth of new players, ideas, styles, and audiences. The more I learn, the less I feel I know.

Any advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out in improv?
Don’t assume anyone knows what they’re talking about- we’re all making this up as we go along. Play as much as you can, learn from the people you like not the people you’re told to like, and don’t try to be a rockstar. Everyone is funny and smart and weird- that’s all you’ll ever need to be.

If you could suddenly gain a new improv skill, what would you pick?
I wish I could learn to slow down and shut the fuck up.