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Performer Spotlight: Jan Caruana

Jan is amazing.  It’s hard to even elaborate on that sentiment.

Her improv is altogether incredible and mind-blowing.  Her characters are rich, textured and varied – one minute she’s the toughest person on the planet, the next pulling at the audience;s heart strings.  Her wit is beyond measure and she consistently steals the show with the line of the night.  But what sets Jan a part is her honesty.  Her characters and scenes are truthful; they don’t exist for the joke or the game of the scene.  They simply exist.

It bears repeating:  Jan is amazing.

How long have you been improvising for? Where did you get your start?
I took my first improv class in August of 2001 at the Bad Dog Theatre (it was Theatresports Toronto back then)

What takes good improv to great?
Trust. Honesty.

What makes a player a joy to improvise with?
See above.

Have you ever had a game-changing moment as a performer?
Constantly. If we aren’t changing, we’re dying.

Have you ever gone through a rough patch as an improviser? How did you handle it?
Yes I have. We all do (I hope). I just keep playing and keep working. It is hard, but sometimes you just have to put your head down and suck it up.

Any advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out in improv?
See more shows. Develop heroes. Copy them.

Jan can be seen each month in Filthy.