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Performer Spotlight: Sean Tabares

Sean Tabares is the embodiment of pure, unfiltered joy on stage. Long past the point of self-consciousness or ego, Sean launches himself at every challenge with the glee and confidence of a true master. Sean will throw himself under a bus if it serves the scene and make his partner feel like a rockstar action-hero space explorer all at the same time. Sean easily makes my top five favourite players and a strong contender for nicest comedian in the country.

Sean will be representing the Bad Dog Theatre, along with the rest of the Repertory Company at the Vancouver International Improv Festival next week.  

What excites you on stage?
The excitement that comes with being entirely spontaneous and in the moment.

What makes a player a joy to improvise with?
A playful instinct. A player who’s able to trust so hard that they’ll try anything on stage.

Have you ever had a game-changing moment as a performer?
Absolutely! In general, every time one of the improv “basics” shifts from an instructor’s voice into an internal instinct. Almost ironically, those moments are associated with such a resounding “aha” that they take me out of the scene.

What excites you on stage?
Those unexpected moments. Magical, accidental, left-turn offers that take everyone on stage together someplace new.

Any advice you’d give someone who’s just starting out in improv?
So much of the artform is community. Find some pals also starting out and talk about the things you love about improv! See shows! Say hi to us after! I don’t know many improvisors at any level who don’t like to talk shop.