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News from the Board

Dear Bad Dog Nation,

Happy Fall! Your board proudly brings you a report. There’s lots of news, so get comfy. We’ll start with the stuff you already know, and proceed to the stuff that prompts drum-rolls.

The obvious – our new season is rocking. Mortal Ymprov is pitting longform teams against each other for supremacy on Wednesdays; Thursday nights feature every level of improvisor, with the Next Big Thing at 8, and the Jam (where the audience is the cast) at 9:15; Fridays are stacked, with competitive musical improv show Troubadour at 8 (on opening night there was a reggae song by Matt Folliot as a teenage witch, how’s that for proof of the lols?) AND student showcase That Friday Show in Studio 2, AND Macro Neato at 10:00, where teams take on a single suggestion from the audience and make magic, AND Late Late Horror Show, every second week at midnight (which the board likes very much, despite how weird we’ve felt about penguins since the August 27th show). Saturdays bring Theatresports at 8 – a show lovable not just because last week Tom MacKay managed to correctly guess ‘grandiloquent‘ and ‘defenestration‘ in a game of charades, or because the cast is rigolldangdiculously great…though either is reason enough. At 10 is Welcome to Town, the compelling mockumentary tale of two cities that has made booking tickets in advance a must.

In class news – the adult session is underway, and the Youth Program starts this week. If you know a youngster and wish them to be a well-adjusted society member one day, you will refer a parent to this.

In leadership news – you probably know (sadly), that two of Bad Dog’s founders, Marcel St Pierre and Ralph MacLeod, have moved on to new adventures this year. Both have done so much to nurture the Company and the improv community as a whole that it’s hard to conceive of how we could express our gratitude. We’re thinking, dudes : )  For now we’ll state the obvious, that the home you created – where discovery is daily, where people become more than themselves, and love really does live in the walls – will always be your open-armed home.

In other leadership news – the board is pleased to add Margaret Eaton to the board. Margaret is the President of ABC Life Literacy, and has already assisted Bad Dog in matters of organizational structure and fundraising. Thanks for joining us, Margaret!

And the leadership news you’ve all been waiting for – at our recent General Meeting we announced that a group of BD producers, board members and superfriends called the Transition Committee (TC) had been considering the company’s organizational structure for a few months. The committee had created the role of Artistic Producer, which took in general management and artistic direction responsibilities, and divided workshop management into a separate position. The TC advertised for an Artistic Producer in August, and received an embarrassment of riches in return. The people that put themselves forth as candidates were a veritable fantasy league of contenders. After a long and thoughtful process, made exceedingly difficult by the incredible talent on offer, the TC presented a hiring recommendation to the board last week. The board approved, with bells on – and we can now proudly announce that:

Julie Dumais is joining Bad Dog Theatre as our Artistic Producer!

Julie is well-known in town and on the festival circuit as a producer, director, performer and teacher, as well as for her extensive work with the Canadian Improv Games. Please see Julie’s letter below. To get to know her better, click here for Julie’s bio – or better yet, come welcome her this Saturday at 6:30 for a meet-n-greet at the theatre. Hope you’re as excited as we are about this fall at the theatre, and everything it’ll bring – and that we see you this weekend, if not before!

Thanks and love to you all, Bad Dog Nation – and remember, we always welcome your questions or comments at

Your board of directors.
Julie’s letter:

It is with great delight and excitement that I am joining the Bad Dog Theatre Company as Artistic Producer.

The Bad Dog has a rich and storied history, from its Harbourfront beginnings in 1982 as Theatresports Toronto to finding a home on the Danforth as the Bad Dog Theatre Company under the guidance of inspired and dedicated lovers of improvisation: Marcel St. Pierre, Kerry Griffin & Ralph MacLeod.  This company has been the first point of contact for innumerable improvisers and audience members in Toronto – a true and welcoming community, renowned for providing opportunities for performers and improv enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

It’s no secret that these are challenging times for the theatre.  That statement is almost universally true for arts organizations at present.  But what that means is that we have an incredible opportunity right now to choose what we want the Bad Dog to be in the coming years.  To redefine ourselves and our creative mandate.  To shake off preconceptions.  To forge exciting new partnerships.  To engage, entertain and truly speak to an audience – and not just one of our peers.

Here’s the bottom line:  the Bad Dog Theatre is an integral part of the fabric of our Toronto improv community.  And, with almost 30 years of experience (not to mention a laundry list of wildly successful productions, a glittering alumni roster & fistfuls of Canadian Comedy Awards) behind us, we’re just getting started.

I can’t wait.

Julie Dumais