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FOUNDATION Series:  for 50+

About Foundation Series: 50+ 
For over 30 years, our basic improv program has helped people from all walks of life improve their confidence, their public speaking, and their creativity. We are now excited to pilot our signature curriculum designed specifically for people aged 50+.

Why improv?  Life changes as we get older - with it comes new challenges, new opportunities.  At this historical moment we are redefining life after 50. This requires imagination, innovative thinking and communication skills.  Improv builds your creative muscles.  Thus, whether you’re trying to meet new communities, stretch your brain, take-up a lifelong love of the performing arts, or simply become more comfortable in front of new people, the Bad Dog Academy’s improv workshops are for you. They’re FUN, the people are supportive and there’s never any pressure to do things you’re uncomfortable with. Take our Beginnings 50+ improv course and we’re sure you won’t regret it. 

We’ll introduce you to the basic terminology & skills of improvisation, including: 

  • impulse work: not over-thinking, planning ahead or editing yourself; making choices without hesitation
  • listening to and connecting with other people onstage
  • making and accepting offers, finding agreement
  • stagecraft (from being seen & heard… to creating dynamic stage pictures)
  • basic scene structure: setting, characters/relationships, action, conclusion/resolution
  • platforms (creating the foundations of scenes and making confident scenic initiations)
  •  improvised character & environment creation

Who it’s for: people with absolutely no prior improv or performance experience / improvisers who want to return to the basics to refresh their game. Ages specifically 50+

Foundation Series: 50+
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Duration: 8 weeks, 2hrs/class

Price: $250 (+HST)

When: Wednesdays 1-3pm | October 12th - November 30th

Questions? Email Academy Director Jess Bryson:


Foundation Series: 50+ | Winter 2017
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If you have any questions regarding our classes, please don't hesitate to contact our Academy Director, Jess Bryson, 

All classes take place at The Bad Dog Comedy Theatre (875 Bloor St West) or Comedy Bar (945 Bloor St West).