Format Studio: True Blue

Format studio: true blue

What is it? Formats (or forms) provide a framework within which to improvise... an agreed-upon set of conventions or rules to guide and focus play, while inspiring invention. Some of them are structurally intricate, while others feature broader concepts and goals. Examples of the sorts of forms that will be featured in the Format Studio include: Deconstruction, PushPins, Close Quarters, The Bat, Lotus, La Ronde, Guest List and - of course: True Blue.

Whereas our Ensemble Studio focuses on the development and creation of thematic longform as an extension of the dynamic of a particular group, the Format Studio will celebrate existing models for performance & play within the canon of western improvisation... tailoring each teaching module to the specific needs and areas of specialization of the particular form being explored.

Format Studio: True Blue is  (1-level, 8 weeks a levels, 2.5 hrs a week) taught by Colin Munch. True Blue is Bad Dog's first improvised drama. Developed by Colin Munch, the format uses established television police procedurals as a base for its structure and is stylistically inspired by moody, gritty shows like The Killing and Marcella. Students will learn not only the show structure but also how to play improvised scenes straight and dramatic, how to reach an emotional connection to their material quickly and under pressure, and how to create and solve a mystery based on characters motivated by love, betrayal, and jealousy.  

What are the ripples that follow after a tragedy? How is a community affected by loss? Who benefits from murder? True Blue is a fully improvised police drama about family, lies and loss set in rural Ontario

Who is the Format Studio for? Experienced improvisers with previous stage experience. (Note: while there will certainly be some philosophical and technical overlap with content covered in the Ensemble Studio, our approach is very specific and we are confident that NSS alumni would find the experience both rich and challenging.) 

When? Saturdays 4-630pm | September 17th - November 12th (no class Oct 8 Thanksgiving)

Instructor: Colin Munch

Duration: 2.5hrs/week for 8 weeks

Price: $250 (+HST)/level

PLEASE NOTE: Selected participants will need to commit to all three levels of the course as the work is cumulative. In addition to the in-class hours, students will be required to participate in two performance showcases per term (these are held on Tuesday evenings).


If you have any questions regarding our classes, please don't hesitate to contact our Academy Director, Jess Bryson, at

All classes take place at The Bad Dog Comedy Theatre (875 Bloor St West) or Comedy Bar (945 Bloor St West).