Featured Players Auditions

AUDITIONS: Bad Dog Featured Players - SEASON 3

When: thursday, November 24 - 5:30-7:30pm & sunday, november 27 - 12-3pm
Where: Bad Dog Comedy Theatre (875 Bloor St. W. - upstairs)

What: Bad Dog is excited to announce auditions for our third season of Featured Players: a new roster of improvisers to be featured heavily in a range of shows from January-June 2017. We will be looking for experienced performers who have yet to find the sort of home on our stage that they desire, and are looking to stretch their legs, gain exposure, perform more regularly with Bad Dog and have the opportunity to understudy our marquee productions.

TO SUBMIT: please use the embedded form below or click this link.


Requirements: A comfort level (or enthusiastic desire to become comfortable) with shortform and longform improvisation (both thematic & narrative); Recommended - a minimum of two years of stage experience (performing improv in front of an audience)

Weekly Shows:
The Bad Dog Featured Players are the resident cast of The Early Show - our Saturday 7pm lead-in to our flagship show: Theatresports. Saturdays kick off with a 6pm drop-in workshop (all levels), followed by a 7pm show comprised of a 10-minute opening set (featuring standout workshop participants) leading into a  30-minute feature set starring members of the Featured Players.

The 7pm show will be hosted/directed by the same person who leads the 6pm drop-in, but will change from week to week. Our current rotation of featured Early Show directors for the second half of 2016 has included Jess Bryson, Nicole Passmore, Colin Munch, Julie Osborne, Kirsten Rasmussen & Paloma Nuñez.

A key feature of the Early Show is the opportunity to perform regularly for an existing audience comprised of the general public, rather than one consisting mainly of improvisers, students & friends.

Monthly Shows:

  • Half of the cast of our audience-favourite THROWDOWN show (first Saturday of the month at 9:30pm) will be comprised of Bad Dog Featured Players.

  • The Bad Dog Featured Players will also be presented monthly as guests at a number of longform showcase opportunities throughout the season.

Understudies: Starting in January 2017, members of this roster of performers will be invited to workshop and understudy our professional shows (i.e. Theatresports, Toronto, I Love you, Pushpins, etc.) and when opportunities arise, will be called upon to perform in these shows alongside our resident cast and repertory players.

Development opportunities: Beyond invited rehearsals or workshops for specific shows, we will be hosting a minimum of three (free) two-hour advanced workshops exclusively for the Bad Dog Featured Players.

Commitment: We are asking for a six-month commitment from this performer roster with an expectation of 4 performances on average per month (3 on Saturdays and 1 on Mondays or Tuesdays) as well as participation in invited workshops and rehearsals.  If you know that you are generally unavailable on these dates over the next six months, please do not request an audition at this time. We will be auditioning for a new roster of performers in May 2017 (to begin the next six-month residency in July 2017).

NOTE: Inclusion on this roster of performers represents the opportunity for, not promise of casting in professional productions like Theatresports and our Friday-night marquee shows. Recognizing the limitations of traditional auditions and the feeling of invisibility that can come from working in a city with such a deep pool of talented performers, we envision this as a supported chance for these featured performers to be seen more and gain a greater comfort, familiarity & recognizability among the performer ranks (as well as with audiences) at the theatre in the hopes of fostering future opportunities for collaboration, creation & performance at the theatre.

Auditions: We will be running 50-minute-long auditions, in the theatre (875 Bloor St W) with no more than 16 participants in each. NOT EVERYONE WILL BE ASKED TO AUDITION. You will hear by November 21 if you have received an audition. If you can’t make the audition, but are still interested in being considered, please send us a resume and the contact information for two references who can speak to your experience & strengths. We will hold these auditions again in 6 months.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Julie Osborne or Jess Bryson at featuredplayers@baddogtheatre.com