Fake Cops v. S&P A Night at the Thunderdome

Fake Cops v S&P: A Night at THunderdome

Third Sunday of Every Month  | 9:30PM | Tickets: PWYC
Next show: Sun. June 19th

2 Teams Enter. 2 Teams Leave. Improv Occurs.

Improv Juggernaut S&P take on the relentless Fake Cops each month in an improv death match, of LAUGHS! Audience applause determines the winning set. Losing team has to perform the humiliation challenge next month. Highlights of past challenges: performing a super bowl half-time show, running a lemonade stand, a humiliation gauntlet, performing Oscar moments in public, and making honey like Isaac's mom.  

S&P is: Matt Follliott, Isaac Kessler, Cameron Algie, Kevin Whalen. 

Fake Cops is: Simon McCamus, Nicole Dunn, Andrew Bushell, Ify Chiwetelu, Filipe Dimas, and Alex Kolanko