Easy Action

Easy action with dan beirne & mark little

Two shows, two incredible improv acts, ONE NIGHT. That's a lot of numbers to hold in your head if you're not a Math Whiz so let's break it down: At 8 and 9:30 pm on September the 15th of this year of our Lord, come see Montreal's most physical, lovely improv duo share the stage with two very bad boys from Toronto who know what they did.

EASY ACTION is an improvised tale created in the moment by the duo of Brent Skagford and Marc Rowland. They combine precise physical work, child-like play and high emotional stakes to create stories to delight any audience. Now in their 7th year of collaboration, they have performed Easy Action to sell-out crowds in Montreal for the past 5 years and have travelled to perform the show in Edmonton, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Toronto, Cambridge, Brighton, and London.

DAN BEIRNE & MARK LITTLE are a pair of bad ones with an axe to grind. They have won every award including yes, Oscar, and they are in the bands Arcade Fire and Sheryl Crow. They perform improv as The Improvadoodledeesers and they only do that one game where the audience plays their arms.

Both shows $15 general, $10 students & artists

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