Custom Entertainment

Custom Entertainment

Looking for the ‘wow’ factor at your next company function?  Book the Bad Dog for a personalized  show that will have your group in stitches.  Our improvisers get ideas, suggestions and occasionally volunteers from the audience and create instant scenes, stories and characters on the spot!  Because we're using the audience so directly it becomes a very intimate and customized comedy experience.  We can also get some basic information about the group to bring even more customization to the show - we may present a day in the life of one of the employees, or a Shakespearean adventure featuring the CEO as the hero, or a choose your own adventure type story where the audience always gets to decide what happens next!

- The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board


Want to find out more? Contact our Corporate Events Manager, Kerry Griffin, for price quotes and package info at sales[at] or use the form below!

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