Folk Lordz


Braiding together electric improv comedy with folk storytelling, Edmonton’s Todd Houseman and Ben Gorodetsky present Folk Lordz!

Take one part Indigenous origin story.
Add one part Russian Chekhovian character drama.
Stir in one part fresh cultural genre, chosen anew each night.

Bake for 45 minutes to create fast, physical and folksy improv theatre like you’ve never seen before! From the world famous, Canadian Comedy Award winning Rapid Fire Theatre.

Folk Lordz has been featured at the Vancouver International Improv Festival, Edmonton's Thousand Faces Festival of Mythic Art, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and headlined numerous CHiMPROV shows at Rapid Fire Theatre.

As part of the further development of this project the Folk Lordz recently travelled to Yellowknife, NWT to learn traditional oral storytelling practice, protocol and structure from Dene elders. This research trip was supported by the Edmonton Arts Council through their Cultural Enrichment in the Arts program. The motivation for this work was further de-colonizing their performances, broadening their scope from just Cree stories to other Indigenous traditions, and traveling to less urban place and engaging in activities that many stories are about (fishing, trapping, being on the land, enduring cold, etc). | @FolkLordz | @unclegorodetsky | @ToddHouseman

9:30PM | Wednesday, May 27
8:00PM | Friday, May 29