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Zombie Toronto

Watch as our group of intrepid survivors makes their way through Toronto’s devastated downtown core. There’s no way to know who will live and will perish!
If you’ve ever wondered whether your zombie survival plan will work, now is the time to find out! Tell us what your survival plan and this amazing group of improvisers will enact all of the stunning successes and harrowing defeats. 

Bring your hatchets, your canned goods, and your shotguns, because we really can’t guarantee your safety.*
*But actually don’t bring your weapons, you will be safe. 

$12/$10 for students, Comedy Bar Mainspace 945 Bloor st. W.

Dan Beirne (TheBitter End, Dad Drives)
Mark Little (Picnicface, 1st prize in Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off), 
Kirsten Rasmussen (Rapid Fire, The Sketchersons) 
Hannah Spear (Sexy Nerd Girl, Versus Valerie)