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D&D Live

  • Comedy Bar 945 Bloor Street West

An evil rises to hold the rule of T'Rannah in its dark grasp. An enemy more powerful than any the world has seen. Thus the call has been put forth for the strongest, noblest, and most courageous warriors in the land to band together and fight ultimate power… with ultimate power! In D&D Live! Campaign 3: Epic Levels we will be following a group of high level adventurers, so you can expect the monsters to be bigger, the stakes to be higher, and the villains to be even more Terrible than Drofbor the Terrible!!

Starring:  Sean Tabares (Best Male Improviser - Canadian Comedy Awards), Kirsten Rasmussen (Bad Dog Repertory Players), Seann Murray (Sex T-Rex), Liz Johnston (Final Frontier), Conor Bradbury (Faking Bad), Molly Davis (Canadian Improv Games), Julian Frid (Sex T-Rex), Ted Hambly & guests!


November 5
Taco Tuesdays