24 Hours of Improv


Welcome to the ultimate improv battle royale. For a cause.

From 7pm on Friday, March 11 to 7pm on Saturday, March 12 Bad Dog players will improvise for 24 straight hours. This battle royale will be raising funds for two distinct causes:

Bad Dog's Diversity & Inclusion Program

Bad Dog is raising funds for a two day symposium set to take place on May 28 & 29 of this year. Participants will include artistic and administrative leaders in North America's improv comedy scene, thought-leaders from the Toronto Arts & Culture sector, and community participants. 

Improv Without Borders

From 12am to 12pm on Saturday, the funds raised from half of all tickets sold will be donated to Improv Without Borders, an international improv community event which supports refugee relief funds.

You can help them learn how to help us with these goals, and grab show & ticket info below. 


For just $10 you can sponsor a player for one hour of the improv-a-thon
Click on their photo to get a link to their individual donation page on Canada Helps.

You've got until 11:59pm on March 10 to help them reach their fundraising goal
and make sure they are dedicated to the full 24 hours!

But... what happens if they don't make their goal? 
It's up to them! 24 hour players must perform the opening and closing shows, and are committed to the total number of hours they raise funds for, but otherwise... they can come and go (and sleep) as they please.

What's in it for me?
A sweet, sweet tax receipt for donations over $10
and the knowledge that you control these people's lives, if only for a day.

but wait... there's more

Beginning at 7pm on Friday, March 11, we'll be putting on 12 two-hour improv shows with featured troupes & guests. The fun doesn't stop there. We're pushing our players to the limits, and sweetening the pot with a 50/50 draw for you.


Want to see someone make it to the end?
Help make their journey a little easier by sending a gift.

During the show: aid your champions. Provide instant relief with gifts like coffee, water, game vetos & more. Each gift is $5 and enters you into the draw one time.


Cheering for someone else? Make it harder for everyone one else by sending other players obstacles.

During the show: bring them down. Send them improv restrictions, difficult suggestions & more. Each obstacle is $5 and enters you into the draw one time.

50/50 deets: must be 18 or older & present for the time of the draw at 7pm on Saturday, March 12.
Maximum winnings of up to $300.


Except for our Micetro finale, each show is divided into two one-hour featured events!

7pm - 9pm 

Superscene 3 stories. 3 directors. Only 1 ending. Guest improvisers: Nug Nahrgang, Anders Yates & more

YAS KWEEN Favourite guests from the hit monthly showcase of talented women of colour take the stage, including: Nelu Handa & Ify Chiwetelu


THROWDOWN We throw down the gauntlet early in this deadly battle of comedy dares featuring an array of cruel & hilarious guests

Ladies' Night Paloma Nuñez assembles a supercast of dynamite improvisers to kick the marathon into high gear


Standup Hour We challenge our marathoners to improvise routines head-to-head with polished sets from legitimate stand-up comics including Keesha Brownie, Matt O'Brien & Joel Buxton!

Mdnight Hour Hosted by Craig Anderson with a whole pile of surprise guests!


Tony Ho The Canadian Comedy Award-nominated mad geniuses of Tony Ho (Roger Bainbridge, Miguel Rivas & Adam Neibergall) help usher in the night

Peggy Molson Featuring the winners of the 2015 BCIF TKO tournament: Steven Suepaul, Samantha Adams, Dayna Miller and Ryan Hughes.


Members of Toronto's foremost Spanish-language improv troupe, Improvables, and Francophone troupe, French Toast, challenge the marathon team to improvise in Spanish & French! Guests: Florian Francois, Daphney Joseph & more.

Coming Soon
See tomorrow's movies today with director Andrew Haggith


Lusty Mannequins Real-life comedy power-couple Ashley Comeau & Connor Thompson invite the marathoners into their lusty embrace!

???! The most surreal hour of improv... full of puzzles, mystery and the possible debut of Weekend at Bernie's (the improv game). Guests: Sean Tabares, Connor Thompson, Alastair Forbes & more!


Breakfast Prov We're cooking up a breakfast show the marathoners won't soon forget

Berlin Skype-in We check in with Tess Degenstein, live, on-location in Berlin where she is performing with Die Gorillaz - organizers of Improv Without Borders


BAD DOGS! The theatre goes to the dogs... for real.

KID PROV Improviser parents bring their (soon-to-be-improviser) progeny to play! Guests: Paloma Nuñez & Oscar, Katie Bowes & Felix, Marjorie Malpass & Amelia.


Ethnic Eccentrics This is how improv is done in the Old Country. Guests: Lisa Merchant & Alex Hatz

Bad Dog Featured Players The Early Show house cast sends in reinforcements!


Coincidence Men This venerable improv supergroup has over 100 years of experience and features all three of Bad Dog's founders! Guests: Marcel St. Pierre, Kerry Griffin, Gord Oxley, Ralph MacLeod & Rob Hawke

The Detroit Special We welcome some pals from the Motor City to the stage


Peter Stevens The brilliant mind behind Elephant Empire & Cool School takes the reins

Songbuster Can our marathoners improvise a musical after more than 20-hours without rest? Featuring: Stephanie Malek, Matty Burns, Alexandra Hurley, Tom King (on keys) & more


Micetro We close out the marathon with the "Survivor" of improv: only one performer will be left standing (possibly literally). Directed by: AJ Demers with a stacked lineup of guests and lottery spots for your chance to play with (and destroy) some truly exhausted improvisers



$60 for the FULL 24HR PASS
(*come and go as you please, arrive 15 minutes before a show to reserve your seats)
$15 for PM shows | $10 for AM shows
Tickets are available online or at the door.

Want to help out with the event? Join our volunteer team! Questions? Email info@baddogtheatre.com!